June 23, 2014 - BNL welcomes our summer interns!

Post date: Jul 15, 2014 5:55:07 AM

The BNL welcomes undergraduate summer interns participating in a variety of research programs. These undergraduate students will participate in summer-directed research under the mentorship from a student from the BNL. Good luck with your summer research projects!

Jimmy Tran - 3rd year Biology UCR, MSRIP 2014 Summer Intern, Medical Students Program

Jonathan Rey - 3rd year Mechanical Engineering (Biomedical Engineering) Cal State Los Angeles, MacREU 2014 Summer Intern

Laura Rivera-Castaneda - 3rd year Bioengineering UCR, RISE (CAMP) 2014 Summer Intern

Marisa Nicole Lopez - 4th year Biomedical Engineering UCI, MSRIP 2014 Summer Intern

Mayra Cortez - 3rd year Bioengineering UCR, MSRIP 2014 Summer Intern

Michael Deo - 4th year Bioengineering UCR, MSRIP 2014 Summer Intern

Nathaniel Grelling - 3rd year Bioengineering UCR, Bridge 2014 Summer Intern

Vareska Lucero Zarate Cordova - 3rd year Bioengineering Universidad Autónoma de México, Baja California, MSRIP 2014 Summer Intern