Graduate Students

Wensen Jiang

 PhD candidate, 4th year, Mat Sci & Eng

 Project: Biodegradable materials and  nanopatterned surfaces for cardiovascular  applications

 B.S. Central South University, 2013
 @ BNL since 2013

Naiyin Zhang


 PhD candidate, 4th year, Bioengineering
 Project: the effect of magnetic nanocomposites on  stem cell functions

B.S. Biomedical Eng, SW Jiaotong U, China, 2013 @ BNL since 2013

 Nhu Nguyen


 PhD candidate, 4th year, Microbiology
 Project: Antimicrobial properties of  biomaterials

 M. Sc. Biological Science, Cal Poly Pomona, 2013
 B.S. Microbiology, UC Davis, 2009
 @ BNL since 2013
 Dana Rutherford


 PhD candidate, 4th year, Bioengineering
 Project: Biocomposites for cardiovascular  applications

 B.S. Chemical Eng, UC Santa Barbara, 2013
 @ BNL since 2014

 Chaoxing Zhang


 PhD candidate, 3rd year, Mat Sci & Eng
 Project: Investigation of PLGA/magnesium  composite material for neural regeneration

 B.S. Mat Sci & Eng, U Sci & Tech, Beijing, 2015
 @ BNL since 2015
 Wayne Leu


 PhD candidate, 3rd year, Bioengineering
 Project: Chelatable nanoparticles for    cardiovascular applications

 B.S. Biomedical Eng, UC Davis, 2014
 @ BNL since 2015

 Jiajia Lin


 PhD candidate, 2nd year, Mat Sci & Eng

 Project: Surface treatment of Mg and Mg alloy  for orthopaedic application

 B.S. Mat. Sci & Eng, U Sci & Tech, Beijing, 2014
 M.Sc. Mat Sci & Eng, KU Leuven, 2016 @ BNL  since 2016

 Dongwei Sun


 PhD candidate, 1st year, Mat Sci & Eng

 B.S. Mat. Sci & Eng, 
Henan University of Technology  (HUT), China,  2013
 M.Sc. Mechanical Eng, University of Alabama,  Tuscaloosa, AL, 2015 @ BNL since 2017
 Changlu Xu


 PhD candidate, 1st year, Mat Sci & Eng


 B.S. Mat Sci & Eng, Changzhou University,  China,  2014
 M.Sc. Mat Sci & Eng, Soochow University, China,  2017 @ BNL since 2017